Advanced equipment for optimized production

Cly-Del provides high-reliability production and superior quality that is tailored to your specifications, leveraging over 80 years of experience and cutting-edge equipment such as multi-servo presses, cupping machines, and progressive transfer presses. Our advanced capabilities guarantee exceptional manufacturing support.

Extensive production equipment

To meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, Cly-Del is equipped with over 250 pieces of production equipment. This impressive array of resources enables us to remain competitive and ensure that we can meet evolving customer needs. From small-scale projects to large-scale production runs, Cly-Del can handle any challenge and deliver products of the highest quality.

Staying ahead of the curve

Commitment to continuous improvement

Cly-Del remains at the forefront of precision manufacturing equipment, continuously investing in latest technologies. This dedication enables us to deliver the finest products and services to our customers. Whether it's small-scale projects or large-scale production runs, our expert team consistently achieves high-quality results, distinguishing us from our corporate competitors.

With a wealth of generational knowledge and a wide array of resources, we are a trusted strategic partner to many, prioritizing uncompromising quality.

Machine repair and rebuild

Another dimension to our expertise

Through years of experience, Cly-Del excels in press maintenance and rebuilding granting us complete control over our manufacturing processes. This showcases our technical prowess and adept ability to ensure reliable supplier performance by minimizing downtime.

Optimized solutions for a wide range of industries

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