Integrated value-add services and support

Cly-Del offers comprehensive value-added services, from concept to final delivery. With precision secondary operations and customizable finishing options, we ensure the highest quality standards while adding significant value. Our in-house capabilities allow us to control quality, reduce costs, and guarantee reliability for a wide range of customized specifications, making us a trusted full-service supplier.

Continuous improvement and customer commitment

Our Value-Add and Value Engineering teams improve products and processes with cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality. This dedication has made Cly-Del a reliable metal forming company. We use in-house resources and local suppliers to finish your stamped part seamlessly. We also explore new solutions to help customers stay competitive.

Value-add and secondary processes

  • Automated assembly

  • Vapor Degreasing

  • In-line Processes

  • Deburring

  • Production Machining

  • Trimming

  • Drilling, Riveting & Tapping

  • Heat Treating

  • Secondary Tooling and Forming

  • Packaging

  • Laser Marking

  • Aqueous and Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Passivation and Pickling

  • Electropolishing

  • Annealing

  • Plating

  • Applied Coatings

  • Crimping

Optimized solutions for a wide range of industries

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