Family spirit

Forth-generation strong

We take great pride in being a family-run company at Cly-Del. Four generations of Garthwait family leadership has carried on our legacy of respect, hard work, perseverance, and compassion.

Our legacy and family tradition

Clyde W. Garthwait founded the business in 1939, and his sons Robert W. Garthwait Sr. and Clyde W. Garthwait Jr. joined soon after. Robert W. Garthwait Sr. expanded and grew the company with his generosity and commitment. Today, Robert W. Garthwait Jr. and his son, Robert W. Garthwait III, continue the family tradition of manufacturing and uphold Cly-Del's core values with dedication and respect for American ingenuity and patriotism.

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company stands as a cornerstone in our community, and as the fourth-generation leader, I am committed to safeguarding its enduring legacy for future generations. To propel our company's growth, I explore innovative approaches to enhance process performance and reliability. It's important to me to place great emphasis on prioritizing design, environmental stewardship, community service, and employee well-being. As a company, we take great satisfaction in dedicating our efforts on manufacturing components that are at the core of everyday items we all take for granted. With an unwavering dedication to preserving the tradition of American manufacturing, we aspire to inspire others to appreciate the significance of self-reliance.

Robert W. Garthwait, III
Executive Vice President

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