Product Development

Design. Develop. Manufacture.

As industry leaders in the production of high volume metal goods, we tirelessly strive to design, develop, and manufacture the components of tomorrow’s innovations today.

Optimal design and production solutions

Cly-Del draws on over 80 years of production experience and has produced billions of unique, precision stamped metal components. We are ready to collaborate alongside your team in the earliest stages of design to optimize your part for production while determining the best material selection, tooling, and process solutions for your product.

Create with us

Design and engineering of components for manufacturability and economy.

Through all stages of development, Cly-Del has the expertise to make production possible. We take pride in our ability to partner with clients of all sizes to meet current or proposed functional product requirements while maintaining the ability to be stamped in volume. Our focus on eventual volume ramp-up uniquely positions Cly-Del to provide high quality prototypes for use in build-ups or initial field trials.

Forming a better solution

Conversion and optimization for stamping from other manufacturing methods.

A component formed through a stamping process is often lighter in weight and more economical to produce in volume compared to the same component made from casting, machining, or other manufacturing processes.

Cly-Del’s re-engineered conversions examine the component’s characteristics and requirements as part of its use case or functional integration. Our multi-disciplined engineering and design teams ensure the manufacturability of all converted components.

Conversions from:

  • Machined

  • Turned

  • Cast

  • 3D Printed


Transfer of existing tooling and equipment for production continuity.

Cly-Del leverages the ability to utilize existing customer tooling to reduce friction when transferring production. Our toolmakers can customize, troubleshoot, and collaborate with clients to maintain quality while minimizing downtime.

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