Quality without compromise

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company bases its quality assurance plans on the ISO 9001 model. Integral to this philosophy is a commitment to meet all customer requirements and provide continuous improvement in every facet of our operation.

Passionate commitment to quality

A focus on Advanced Quality Planning ensures that we build quality and process capabilities into production planning methods. Since its founding in 1939, Cly-Del has focused on achieving zero defect production rates. Through our passion and commitment to quality, we continue to be a top-ranked supplier for many of our customers.

Metrology and inspection

We ensure high quality by inspecting and gauging at all stages of our processes. Our modern metrology equipment provides accurate first article measurements and reports for quality assurance records. Our team is skilled and dedicated, and we only invest in top-quality equipment. We are ISO certified, and our quality control systems can support any special requirements necessary.

  • Vision inspection systems

  • 3D optical inspection equipment

  • CMM touch probe systems

  • 3D non-contact gantry measuring system

  • Laser measuring systems

  • Optical comparators

  • Contour projectors

  • Multi sensor systems

  • In-line inspection integration


Material properties play a crucial role in defining manufacturability and product quality. As specialists in the stamping industry, Cly-Del leverages its unique in-house metallurgy lab to ensure raw materials are of the highest quality.

Our metallurgical testing laboratory is equipped to perform the following specialized evaluations:

  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

  • Microstructure Examination

  • Yield, Tensile, and Elongation Tests

  • N-Value (The Strain Hardening)

  • R-Value rm (The Plastic Anisotropy Ratio)

  • Hardness in A, B, and C Scale & Superficial Hardness in T & N Scale

  • Microhardness in Vickers and Knoop

  • Mount, Grind and Polish Capabilities

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