Precision Metal Stamping

Prepared to produce your components in high volume

With dedicated multidisciplinary engineering and complete toolmaking capabilities, Cly-Del has the specialized aptitude it takes to consistently manufacture components for exceptional performance.

Strong and innovative partnerships

With over 80 years’ experience serving many different industrial sectors, we are renowned for our diverse expertise, time-honored knowledge and commitment to quality. Strong innovation and diverse stamping technologies ensures successful long term partnerships.

Transfer press production

Forming tomorrow

We use the latest advances to extend our capabilities in Eyeletype™, drawn, and deep-drawn stamping to create highly reliable and seamless components. With an emphasis on quality, technology, and flexibility, we have established generational relationships with numerous customers.

Progressive stamping

Progressive expertise

From onset to completion, progressively stamped, pressed, and blanked part production at Cly-Del remains a major focus of our business. High speeds in excess of 15,000 parts per minute provide the production capacity to serve high-volume markets. A complete range of presses up to 300 tons are ready to be tooled with single or multiple lines to exceed project requirements.

Our talented, full-service design and engineering teams develop innovative manufacturing processes to provide the most cost-effective methods to support client needs. Cly-Del effectively controls the quality, production, and follow-through with a dedicated progressive tool making department to ensure client satisfaction.

Compound die stamping

Single state production

The compound die in its simplest design is generally adapted for components that need to undergo several operations economically. Compound die stamping produces these components in a single, multi-operation die . This single die can make compound die stamping more cost effective than progressive die stamping.

Due to the combined operations in a single stroke, high repeatability and controlled flatness can be easily achieved. Cly-Del also provides stamping processes that can achieve “fine-blanked edge” conditions at a fraction of the cost versus fineblanking. Our experts collaborate with clients to determine the most effective process for each project and build tools to produce the best results.

  • Quicker tool builds

  • Efficient and fast production of relatively simple and small part

  • Affordable tooling

  • Cost effective

  • Well controlled flatness

  • Positional accuracy and repeatability


First stage of quality production

High-speed Double Action Blank and Cup Presses are ideally suited for high volume cup production and can also be integrated in-line to feed downstream metal forming processes.

Cly-del also produces quality domestic brass cups for the ammunition case making and primer components.

  • Cartridge casing cups

  • Primer cups and anvils

  • High volume battery components

  • High-volume deep draw production

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