Maximizing material utilization

Our streamlined cupping process, a metal forming technique commonly used in metal stamping, serves as the initial stage in producing cylindrical-shaped parts like cups, cans, and containers. In just one stroke, our cupping process efficiently forms the blank and cup. While the cups may serve as the final product in some cases, they are more commonly seamlessly integrated into additional downstream processes. This integration allows for enhanced efficiency, enabling further drawing and other operations to be performed with optimal material utilization.

Precision cupping process

Our advanced double-action cupping technique enables the creation of intricate metal parts with unparalleled precision and repeatability. With specialized double-action presses, we not only form coiled strip material into cups but also offer additional shaping and forming capabilities. This allows us to produce complex shapes with tight tolerances, greater depth, and precise corners, meeting even the most demanding requirements.

Advanced cupping solutions

Not only does this method showcase exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but it also plays a vital role in the mass production of ammunition components. However, its applications extend far beyond ammunition. Industries reliant on can making, including battery cans, beverage cans, and food containers, benefit greatly from our cupping process. With our commitment to tight tolerances, uniform wall thickness, and smooth surfaces, each cup formed guarantees impeccable quality and exceptional results.

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